Statement to Zines and Underground Publications


This link will access our webform whereby people are openly welcomed to register any underhground Satanic representationClicking this graphic will access a web form whereby those running Satanic publications, including zines as well as other representative publhers, such as small occult publishing groups, will be invited to issue a statement.


The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are an organisation established by a faction of the homeless in central London.  The idea behind our project is to organise towards a Unified Satanic religion, by working to compile a comprehensive listing of Satanic organisations and underground Black Metal bands internationally.  We have a large amount of published campaign literature intended to work towards these ends, and are openly established to promote as much of other peoples work as we are able, as a platform to promote our own cult literature, and to actively work towards one Unified Religion of Darkness.

Our tactics involve the use of Cyberspace and current technology to work on the greatest level as possible whilst at the same time having very limited funds.  An open invitation is here issued, that any part of the Satanic and also the Lovecraftian is welcome to get in touch, and to support the Satanic Yearbook on mutually supportive terms, and we welcome any offer to distribute our work on pretty much any basis of religion.

Clicking on the above graphic will access a Web Form whereby underground black metal Zines and small scale esoteric / horror (and other related) small publishing groups will be able to issue a short statement as regarding their group, which we will include as part of The Satanic Yearbook website. We regard such self / small scale publishing groups to be equally as important as other parts of a greater Satanic / secular religiious truth, and we welcome such groups as equal to everone else who has choses to be a part of an Infernal Religion of Darkness.