Statement for distribution

to underground

black metal bands



Clicking this graphic will access our web form whereby people are welcome to register their bandClicking this graphic will accress a Web Form whereby people who would like to be represented by our project can easily issue a statement to represent their band.


The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are an organisation established to support an international underground of religious Satanism and the black metal scene that is related to this Satanic underground as the artistic and musical representation of Satanic religion.  The concept behind our project is that, if this said underground movement seem to be disorganised and chaotic, as a large number of separate groups acting independently as smaller parts of one Satanic religion, then if we can bring a large part of this movement together then we are organising towards a more united and stronger Satanic religion. The idea behind our concept is to work towards compiling an annual published listing of Satanic organisations and black metal bands, which is planned to be updated annually, and hopefully established for free as a representation of Satanic and Lovecraftian religious views.

This is why we’re issuing this as a statement as to independent religious organisation.  As one singular underground religious group, and in that an independent and smaller part of a bigger religious movement, the Satanic Yearbook Foundation would like to offer black metal bands the opportunity to be represented under our representative banner.  The Satanic Yearbook Foundation issue this as a small and straightforward website available online, to represent this religious cause and our means of organisation.  This website clearly sets out our aims and statement of etiquette, and provides a very straightforward web form whereby groups such as underground metal bands will be able to easily submit a statement of 300 – 400 words, to describe their group and to issue anything they would like to say regarding that project.  This statement will be taken as it is for publication, and we will contact you directly after having received a statement through this representative website.  The address for this organisational webpage is, and this is online on the basis that those representing religious Satanism and the Lovecraftian are openly invited to get involved.

This same means of organisation is also being established to further establish this website, which will be established to represent the same issue, whilst at the same time this will represent a smaller part of our project as declared through use of e-mail to contact individual bands.  We offer this as a means of promotion on the same basis of our religious values as Satanists and The Cult of R’Lyeh, and welcome anyone who might be represented under this declaration to get involved on the basis of equal religious representation.

This statement is also issued as a form e-mail statement which will be sent to different black metal bands on the basis of general organisation through our tactical terms of using Cyberspace as a means of organisation, specifically through use of Facebook and other Cybernetic tactics.  If replying to this statement you should expect to hear back from us in person fairly soon.  We are also established to offer distribution for black metal bands and similar organisations, and we are very happy to discuss any isue if people want to contact us directly on this basis.

Please get back to us if there’s anything further you’d like to discuss regarding any of these issues.