Statement to Organisations representing Satanic and Lovecraftian religion.


This link will access our webform where people are openly welcomed to issue a statement as regarding their religious groupClicking this graphic will access a Web Form whereby people who would like to be represented by our project can easily issue a statement to represent their religious organizations and secular groups.


As this website has already explained, The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are an organisation dedicated to the principal of supporting, and working towards, a unified religion of Satanism and one religious truth.  The general principal behind what we do is to work towards a unity of Satanic religion, and to support similar eecular causes, in order to collect the various independent and smaller parts of Satanic religion into one place. This in order to build towards a stronger movement to honur the worship of Satan and a system of religion as represented by The Necronomicon as the religius book as represented by The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth.

The general idea here is that the religion of Satanism and the worship of The Great Old Ones is one huge and valid religius cause, followed by humanity as a vast principal of religious representation.  However, this religion is only defined as being a huge number of smaller and independent groups, most of whom operate independently as smaller groups.  The intention of the Satanic Yearbook Foundation is to organise towards publishing a comprehensive listing of said Satanic religions, this to be published to organize such rreligious belief as a greater unified cause.

This general declaration is a stated form statement which has in the past been sent to a large number of people, including publishers, religious organisations and Satanic Temples as our first and initial first point of religious belief.  If those receiving this statement would choose to get involved on any further basis, then we will offer them to be more involved on a personal basis after this initial contact has been established.  Our declared aims and rules of Satanic etiquette are available online through our website, which is online at, and this website includes a straightforward web form whereby groups and relevant parties can easily issue a statement of 00 – 400 words to represent said organisations as representative of Satanic and Lovecraftian religion on the basis of individual involvement.

This means of organisation is run for free by those who run The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, as an organisation established to honour a defined Infernal religion of Darkness.  This is also a duplicate statement sent as a part of a strategy to use Cyberspace – in particular Facebook – as our main tactic in hand.  If those in receipt of this statement would like to be involved on any further basis then we invite you to get back to this form statement, and we’ll intend to get involved on a personal basis after that point.

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are also very involved with international distribution in terms of distribution of Satanic and Lovecraftian literature and publicity for groups who might be representing this as one religious cause.  Again, we ask people to get back to us through e-mail, if necessary, and we will be very happy to discuss any issues further if necessary.

Further to that our fullest support goes out to the greater religious movement of darkness.  People are openly invited to get back to us and also to pass information on to other groups who might want to be involved with us as representative of Satanic religion.