Name of Organisation: Illuminati Order / Societas O.T.O. Grand Lodge Othroerir No. 1 USA

e-mail Address: Orden_Illuminati_Societas_OTO@yhaoo.com

Website Address:  illuminatiorderoto.com

IL 62801 USA

We are the evolution of the Bavarian Illuminati and continuation of the 13 Degrees Illuminated rite of Bavaria initiatory system, as well as the New World Order.

Our true N.W.O. is anti: capitalist, state communist and theocracy. We also fight against forced internationalist supremacism realizing all the races of peoples will only have peace when they have true self determination, and voluntary associations from their own sovereign ancestral homelands.

We fight for a New Enlightenment era and Age of Reason. Recognizing the failures of past revolutions as well as seeing the folly of the secular Christian idea of a moral absolutist equality. There are new sacred cows to be smashed.
Era of φως began on An MDCCLXXVI , May 1st.

The thirteen degrees of the Operative Rite of the Illuminated ones of Bavaria are:

Noviciado (Iº)
Illuminated Minerval (IIº)
Illuminated Smaller and Iluminado Mayor (IIIº)
Masón Horseman (Apprentice IVº, Vº Companion and Maestro VIº)
Illuminated Leader (Sovereign Prince of Rosa Cruz VIIº)
Horseman Kadosh (VIIIº)
Sovereign Great Chief inspector IXº)
Illuminated Priest (Xº)
Prince Iluminado (XIº)
Magician Philosopher (XIIº)
Man King (XIIIº)