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For the purposes of academic reference

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The idea behind The Satanic Yearbook is to create a comprehensive listing of organizations, bands, publications and other groups who would be established to represent religious Satanism and similar secular groups as an international underground of religious orientation.  However, the current situation is that, whilst we already have a number of entries given to publish, we currently do not have enough to publish as a hard copy listing, as was the initial intention.  The nature of this document already put together to publish means that the website that you have accessed here will be concurrently updated as we have new information to add to this website, with the published version of The Satanic Yearbook planned for publication once we have enough documentation to be able to do so. The Satanic Yearbook still campaign towards this eventual goal. For the purposes of academic reference, should this be necessary, this listing of groups involved will be concurrenently updated as we obtain new entries, and this should be considered the current date that this document has been last updated.



A large part of the established religious representation of Satanic religion uphold a belief that the productive nature of such religion is that it is disorganized, fragmented, and quite chaotic in terms of the large number of smaller groups representing a larger movement.  A large number of the people who we have contacted in organizing our project have clearly stated that they do not want to be represented by our project for this reason.  However, this is not a statement of absolute belief, and a perspective stands that this view should not stand against a group such as The Satanic Yearbook Foundation organizing on our own terms to represent what we see as being a Unified Religion of Darkness.  Whilst we respect both of these views on justified terms, those who would like to support our statement, and who would like to issue a statement to represent their personal faction of a greater Satanic religion, can read through our stated policies on such representation as discussed with work that we have published online:


ENTRIES FOR BLACK METAL ZINES.  This link is to a written statement regarding our representation of black metal zines and similar underground publications who might stand to represent black metal bands and Satanic religion as representation as published as zines, as well as any small scale publishers representing Satanism or black magick.  This includes zines published on any level, from photocopied zine publications to other more upmarket publications representing black metal or other representations of Satanic religion.  Whilst this link properly represents where The Satanic Yearbook Foundation stand regarding this issue, and representation as such, people should consider themselves welcome to e-mail us if there are any questions or anything more to discuss whilst representing this issue.  This link includes access to our webform whereby people can openly issue a statement to represent small scale publishing projects.


ENTRIES FOR SATANIC ORGANIZATIONS.  All Satanic organizations are welcome to issue statements to The Satanic Yearbook to represent their projects, and this is the first statement put forward by our group.  This link describes exactly where The Satanic Yearbook stand in relation to representing such religious orientation, and if such groups might have any further issues to discuss, they should consider themselves welcome to contact us through e-mail.  This link includes access to a webform whereby people can openly issue a statement to represent their project.


ENTRIES FOR UNDERGROUND BLACK METAL / DEATH METAL PROJECTS.  It is likely to be the case that the largest amount of groups contacting us to issue a statement for publication with our listing will be underground black metal / death metal projects.  The Satanic Yearbook Foundation respect such groups as being independent parts of the greater religion of Satanism, and we respect this as an individual part of the movement.  As long as such an underground band are representing any religious perspective to promote the Satanic (with a number of other secular views represented) then they should consider themselves welcome to issue a statement to our group.  This link also includes access to a webform whereby people can openly issue a statement to represent their project.


This graphic will link to our religious website which properly discusses Cult of R'Lyeh religious viewsThe Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth.  As a separate statement, The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are a smaller part of the religious Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth.  The Cult of R'Lyeh are a small scale New Religious Movement who believe that there is one statement of absolute religious truth, which can be clearly defined as relating to The Necronomicon as our perspective of one religious truth.  Under this definition we argue a moral justification for the Worship of Satan as one part of this defined truth.  Those who would be interested in following this religious idea further are welcomed to read up on our definition of one religious truth, and this seperate website includes information whereby people can get in touch with this seperate perspective if they should want to chase this project up further..


DISTRIBUTION. As well as organizing our project on the biggest terms possible to run this project to represent Satanic religion as one mass part of one global religion (as we've already discussed), The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are also established to distribute as much published literature and so on, as is possible, in order to represent such Satanic religius groups.  We operate an open door policy on this basis, and if anyone who would consider themselves as representing the religious views as discussed by our group, should feel free to send bulk amounts of such work for international distribution, to our current postal address, which is:

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, Tim Thompson, 471 Caledonian Road, London N7 9RN, UK. As a concluding issue, The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are an openly run religious organization, setting out to emulate the tactics of the subversive movement in order to promote what we see as being one singular religious truth. In operating an open door policy regarding this issue, we openly issue this as our e-mail address for any reason, on the basis that anyone who might be interested in supporting our project in any way should feel free to do so. Under certain circumstances we also invite people to circulate this as our main point of contact, on the basis of supporting a Unified Religion of Darkness.


This website and related links are the work and therefore the intellectual property ofTim Thompson
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